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We are an information technology platform designed to reach out to people who cannot or do not have enough knowledge. We are established and operate in Australia. We act as a place to offer support related to all sorts of IT problems and queries.

Our mission

Acting as a helping hand, we offer vast guidance related to handing, execution, and solutions for IT problems. Our mission is to help people get the maximum to refine their skills and help in their personal and professional development.

Services We Offer

We provide nationally recognized solution offering a platform to our users to cater to their corporate and personal assistance regarding IT. The platform designed and offered by us are based on and related to various topics related to IT.

One of our programs

One of our programs’ primary objectives is to cater to the industries and executives’ requirements and make sure our clients undergoing these programs end up acquiring maximum possible efficiency and effectiveness. To ensure meeting these objectives, we offer high quality and immediate assistance that develop and refine our client’s confidence and skillsets.

our highlighted services

Some of our highlighted services include: 

  • Server and storage system
  • Computer sales and setup
  • 3CX- IP Telephony
  • Computer repairs
  • Network Setup
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Website creation
  • Advice

time to satisfy our clients

With such diverse services, we offer the best customer satisfaction. We make sure to provide the customer with detailed guidance and time to satisfy our clients with any risen problems. So, feel free to reach us anytime with any problem.

What skills are required to become good technical support

The world of technology is advancing day by day. It has perfectly set its feet in the market and has become the fastest growing industry in the world. With its growth, getting a job in this sector can be very fruitful. Any software house requires technical support. The purpose of the technical support is to maintain, repair and manage the IT systems. This technical support is often provided over calls or emails. There are always certain qualities of a job. To be good at what you do requires you to master these qualities and perform well. There are many managed IT services out there that are working hard to be good at their jobs. But here are some skills that set managed IT services melbourne apart from others:

Good Communication

Your tech support service should provide good communication. You must be able to listen to your client and understand the problems faced by them. Being a technical support, it is easy to identify and solve an issue but to explain itg to your client can be challenging at times. You must be able to communicate with your client in a way that they can understand you fully. It is better not to use technical language with them as it will be difficult for them to understand. Always to communicate in the most easy and clear manner.


Being in the industry of technology demands you to be flexible. To prove yourself as a good technical support, you should be adaptable and flexible. Your task could want you to handle things from the office, calls or providing service at the client’s place. You must be prepared for any kind of job. You should be able to work solo or to work in a group where your coworkers can debate on your service. In some cases, flexibility may also require you to not follow the protocol, in order to satisfy their customer. Being flexible may help you get a better job in the future.


Having to work with softwares requires a lot of patience. Your client can communicate with you in a very frustrated tone or may become impatient. You must listen to your client with patience, even when they are unable to explain the main technical issue. You must deal with them calmly. If you are dealing with your client through a phone call, it is very common that people may talk rudely or misbehave. It is their thinking that having done so will get them assistance faster. But, a good technical support must rise above and solve their issue patiently.


The key to becoming a good technical support requires you to have the basic knowledge about the technicalities of a computer. You should at least know about the most common issues faced by the customers and must be curious and eager to learn about anything which you do not know. It not only increases your knowledge, but also makes your performance better. Your customers are also impressed by the knowledge you have about your job.


If the printer’s ink runs out and you need to review the market options to replace the cartridge with a new one, two alternatives are usually presented: on the one hand, use OEM products, on the other hand, buy non-genuine options, which are compatible and regenerated.

Today there is the possibility to buy compatible ink cartridges for printers, which save you enough money. Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers, ideal for working from home, as they do not support a lot of paper and are slower than laser printers.

One of the main questions that arise when choosing printer cartridges and toners is whether to buy compatible cartridges and toners or genuine cartridges and toners. Most people do not know the differences between them, in this guide they will be explained in detail.

Which type of cartridge is most desirable?
While most people get hooked on genuine and remanufactured toner cartridges, compatible / generic cartridges are worth considering. Of course, each type of cartridge has its own advantages, especially when calculating the price. OEM cartridges are the most reliable but usually expensive. If you find reputable third-party companies selling remanufactured or compatible cartridges, it’s definitely worth it.

Original cartridges and toners, as the name suggests, are manufactured by the printer brands themselves, for example: Brother, HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Ricoh etc. Obviously, an original cartridge and a genuine toner will not give you any problems and will allow you to obtain the highest quality printing.

The main problem offered by original cartridges and toners is their price, which is much higher than that of remanufactured compatible rs.


Regardless of the sector, networks and IT equipment have become fundamental tools for maintaining the smooth running of work activities. Just think of the damage to productivity if the internet connection decides to shut down or if the company PC is infected with a virus.

There are many threats to the security of our computer system and few concrete tools capable of avoiding serious problems. One of the most effective and targeted supports is it can be obtained by relying on those who professionally deal with IT assistance . Those who boast very high skills in the end really satisfy the business needs, for this reason, in choosing an assistance service, we must always start by four essential elements:

  • The professionalism. This is not just about the IT department, it should be the vision behind any job. However, when we talk about data, access credentials to connection systems and systems, the sense of confidentiality and reliability should be maximum.
  • The competence . Those who deal with IT assistance in a complete way, therefore from the management of networks to the repair of electronic devices, must necessarily have a very wide set of skills with them. We cannot rely on everyone, it affects the life cycle of our company.
  • Availability . Especially when it concerns technical support to companies, the team of professionals should guarantee maximum flexibility in assistance hours and intervention methods.
  • Punctuality. Once again we mention a value that goes well with every business sector. Time is money, and this also applies here. Being reliable also means knowing how to respect delivery times, act promptly and achieve the set goals.

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